Business as Usual - Taking Care of our Team and our Customers

Business as Usual - Taking Care of our Team and our Customers

We would like to share our plans for taking care of our team and our customers’ well-being during this unprecedented world situation.

As a business that was essentially inspired by family, we are acutely aware of everyone’s well-being, particularly at this difficult time. Even before the restrictions, we operated with a small team sharing their work-time between home and being in the office and, since we already have this structure in place, this has enabled us all to continue to work safely from home. We continue to collaborate to achieve similar results using various forms of online media and communication systems– but are really missing shared coffees and cake!

Our scarves are now packed and despatched by just one person. We still aim to provide next day delivery whenever possible, but sadly can’t promise that there won’t sometimes be disruption or changes to the service we offer. All surfaces are routinely sanitised, hand washing is strictly adhered to and gloves are worn for packing each individual piece. Our principle delivery company offer a no-contact receipt of goods. We are monitoring the situation regarding the courier deliveries to ensure that all health guidelines are adhered to.

We are also mindful of the well-being and livelihoods of our amazing artisans and have fully backed the closure of their workshops for at least one month. We are not withholding any payments owed to our workshops. Meanwhile we are continuing to look forwards and plan for the Winter ranges to ensure there is continued work for everyone who relies on our chain of design, dying and weaving for their future existence and living.

As a small company, we very much appreciate the support of our customers in helping us to weather this storm. A heartfelt Thank You from all of us. Please do not hesitiate to contact us should you have any questions or feedback

We are constantly overwhelmed by the support and loyalty of our customers. We are super proud to present our new Spring/Summer range and would like to thank you for taking time to appreciate the work, love and thought that goes into each collection. 

Amongst our excitement we are also very conscious that these are difficult times and are concerned for our community and the people we support. We are focused on using the strength of our team to keep everyone safe whilst working, combat fear with reason and to push on with our dreams and plans. It will be business as usual for us and delivery will be next day, unless otherwise specified.

As well as our collection, we’d like to share with you our mantra through adversity; keep on shining from within, seek and find the bright side and most importantly, keep on doing what you believe in. 

With love,

Katherine Maunder Founder/Director