Cosy blankets ethically made in Nepal from certified, natural fibres

Explore our exclusive homeware selection. We're excited to present our newest blanket collection, each piece woven with a captivating narrative and profound meaning. This collection offers an irresistibly soft and sustainability sourced luxury yarns, all ethically crafted in Nepal, creating vital employment opportunities and preserving local artisanal skills. These versatile investment pieces can function as both blankets and sizable wearable shawls, making them an opulent and considerate choice for gifting.

Additionally, within the collection, you'll find Silk Ikat cushions. These cushions are hand-woven on the shores of the Inle Lakes in Myanmar, using a time-honored textile technique that has been employed for centuries to create the Longyi, the traditional attire of this Burmese region. Meticulously hand-sewn by our local tailors, our collection of lavish silk cushions and matching sleep masks beautifully showcases the intricate artistry of this culturally significant craft. Enhance the elegance and texture of your home by combining these items with our wearable blankets, adding a touch of hand-crafted sophistication.