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    Supporting People Sustainably

    Supporting the communities of weavers, who painstakingly produce our designs with care and pride, is integral to our values. 

    Their success is our success, their livelihoods in part depend on us, and we work hard to facilitate this shared sense of partnership.”


    We are helping to resurrect and safeguard skills that, in both Myanmar and Nepal, had faded into relative obscurity. The unique feel, quality and individuality that you can achieve through hand producing fabric is not possible when done mechanically.

    We place immense value in investing time building relationships with our weavers. We collaborate with our workshops in creating sustainable jobs based on a vocation and skill, in which the workers are valued, have good working conditions, are paid well, and are recognised for their work. There are no children labouring to make our products, instead we support family values and the economic and social development of their community.