Our fabrics are delicate, unique and precious. Please take care of your scarf by following our product care recommendations.


Try to not clean your scarf too regularly. Instead we recommend that you spot clean and/or give it an airing to keep the garment fresh. This will help preserve the delicate fabric blend.


When you do need to clean your Lotus scarf, it is best to use a Dry Cleaner that can provide mild Hydrocarbon cleaning.

The American Dry Cleaning Company is an eco friendly dry cleaning company providing this type of cleaning. They do spot care too. Visit to read more or to find the nearest branch to you.


Please read the care instructions on the label of your scarf for specific guidance on cleaning.

We recommend the same dry cleaning advice as per the Lotus fabric products for all of scarves, but some fabrics are suitable for cool or warm washing if that’s more convenient. Often though, a good airing is all they need since most natural fibres repel dirt and are resistant to odors.


We recommend that you dry your scarf using a clean, dry towel to press out any excess moisture. You should then lay the scarf flat to dry. This will avoid any loss of shape.

Never wring or twist your scarf and avoid direct sunlight.


Silk blend, Linen and Lotus scarves can be hung up to allow creases to drop out. If some ironing is needed, press whilst the scarf is damp on a cool heat with a clean, lint – free pressing cloth between the iron and scarf.

Yak, Cashmere, Camel and wool blend scarves should be steamed when dry to allow the creases to drop out. If some ironing is needed, press on a cool heat.


We recommend that you fold your scarves to avoid moths and shape loss. Rosemary and cedar can be used as a moth deterrent.

Occasionally use a refresher or hang your scarf in the fresh air to prolong the period between cleaning.