To The Planet

‘We were brought up with strong environmental principles, living off the land, respecting nature and its integral role in everything- from it we are inseparable.’

Each Thread Tales item is designed, produced, and delivered with care for the planet and for the people that dwell on it. We insist that our processes are as environmentally friendly as possible, from the use of eco dyes to making sure that the water from the dying process is disposed of responsibly. The raw material for our products is ethically sourced and sustainable and our packaging is FSC accredited.

We work on a daily basis with our suppliers and weavers, constantly asking the question, how can we improve our practices? It is a work in progress and there will always be better and cleaner ways of doing things.

Badges of Honour

We see our relationship with the planet and with our partners as an ecosystem we are all part of. We thrive only as long as they thrive too. This is why the exploitation of natural and human resources has no place in our products. As you browse, keep an eye out for the badges featured for each product. They tell you about how that piece makes a positive difference.

‘We believe that education is the key to affecting  the most positive change.'

By supporting initiatives that aim to educate and empower local participation in eco-projects, involving our colleagues in the environmental conversation and choosing only to work with those who are on board, we send a positive message of working together to protect and respect the beautiful gift of our planet.