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    Sourcing Sustainable Fabrics

    Not all fabrics are created equally! We source fabrics that are sustainably produced, working with suppliers that share our ethical values so that our customers can shop for high quality with a conscience.


    Produced naturally and without chemicals, Lotus is one of the most sustainable fabrics in the world


    We only use Musling free Merino, which means that our Merino sheep are not harmed by the cruel practice of removing strips of skin from the breech. This is traditionally done to prevent flystrike but there are kinder ways of doing this through diet and washing.

    Spun Silk

    Produced from the waste product for a zero-waste ethic and a finer finish


    A zero-waste product that uses the whole seed. Flax grows naturally, requires less water than cotton, is recyclable and biodegradable. It’s gentle on the land and is easy to incorporate into crop rotation cycles.


    These are free of Formaldehyde, Mercury, Chlorine and Lead, and are recognised as a better option to natural dyes which, due to issues with colour-fastness and the land required to grow the product to produce them, are more harmful than you’d perhaps think.  

    Yak Wool

    As fine as Cashmere, but more durable, Yak Wool fabric is incredibly soft to touch and warm even when wet.


    Sourced from  Inner Mongolia, Camel is a pure, natural fibre made from the soft, fine under hair. It is either combed or collected as it sheds naturally and then washed, spun and handwoven by our talented artisans in Nepal.